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Do You Know about the Microsoft Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog?

Do You Know about the Microsoft Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog?

First, I should note that the term “blog” came about as a shortened form of “web log,” the former being a lot catchier than the latter. Second, I should note that there are blogs that focus on just about any topic that you can possibly imagine – from foodie blogs and travel blogs to blogs about sports, antiques, and knitting.

Those are the kinds of blogs that you may enjoy following and reading based on your personal interests. But professionally, as a user of Microsoft Dynamics GP, you might want to check out the Microsoft Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog. It’s designed as a forum for sharing the insights, knowledge, and challenges that GP support engineers tackle every day.

The authors are all Microsoft employees like Adam Gaber, a Senior Support Engineer whose focus is on Financials and Analytical Accounting. These blogs tend to be technical and often serve as good tips and tricks for GP users. Here are a few recent examples to give you a better idea of the kind of content that’s covered. Click the titles to access the full blogs.

Fiscal Period Modifier Tool no longer needed?

Hi Everyone- We often have customers needing to change their fiscal period setup to account for a short or long year to transition from a traditional calendar year or vice versa. Now that you have done your diligence in planning for this major accounting…

Exchange Online O365 Emailing inside Dynamics GP

Hello All, Continuing to expand on the Exchange Emailing inside Dynamics GP blog from my colleague Dan Peltier, today’s article deals specifically with Exchange e-mailing with Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365)…

Sales and Purchasing documents do not print in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Hi Everyone! Ever had a situation where you try and print a Purchase order or Sales order document from Sales Batches or from Print Sales/Purchasing documents window and nothing prints. Nothing comes up on the screen or to the printer. But if you print…

Of course, Tidestone provides tech support, too.

In fact, there’s a blue Tech Support button at the top of every page on our Web site. Click on that, and it takes you to a page where you can easily submit a support request to Tidestone Solutions’ dedicated Dynamics technical support team. Your request will be answered within 2 hours of when it is received.

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