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Hourglass but with the sand replaced with coins: Time to Move your ERP to the Cloud

If You Agree that Time Is Money, Then It’s Time to Move Your ERP to the Cloud

Lawyers and accountants bill by the hour. So do plumbers and mechanics. That’s because their time is valuable, and so is yours. When you’re running outdated software and latency issues impact productivity, you’re losing money.

The dollars and sense of business applications in the cloud

Let’s look at a couple of statistics that emerged from recent studies:

  • 90% of consumers said they would stop doing business with a company using outdated technology1

That’s money lost.

  • 45% of business said their employees get more done in the same amount of time thanks to cloud and mobile technologies2

That’s money gained.

In the first case above, outdated technology has a negative impact on the customer’s user experience (UX), resulting in a financial loss.

In the second case above, cloud and mobile technologies have a positive impact on both the employees’ user experience and their productivity, resulting in a financial gain.

The signs that mean it’s time to move to cloud ERP

Most of the signs you should be watching for, or that you’re already experiencing relate to wasting time. You may be wasting time because of:

  • Multiple systems that can’t talk to each other
  • Manual processes that are error-prone and time-consuming
  • Reporting tools that are no longer up to the task don’t print correctly, and/or produce incomplete or incorrect information

Take these signs to heart, because guess what? They’re costing you money.

But money isn’t really the only issue, even though that’s been the emphasis of this article so far. Outdated software is also tarnishing your company’s reputation, causing high staff turnover, alienating your customers, impeding growth, and constraining innovation.

Conversely, this is what happens when you move to Cloud ERP

The features you would typically find in a modern technology platform, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, include:

Comprehensive integration so you can deploy one solution to manage your financials, sales, service, and operations, with the ability to connect payroll, banking apps, CRM systems, or custom APIs.

Automatic connections that pull your systems and processes together so your people don’t have to.

Automatic and secures business processes that improve productivity and get more done with easy-to-create workflows, audit trails, and enterprise-level security.

An end-to-end view of your business that centralizes your data from accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions. All data stays up to date so you can spot trends, prevent issues, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

And the list goes on…

Let’s talk cloud

Tidestone Solutions has options for you. You can choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is a native cloud solution. Alternatively, you can move your existing Dynamics software to Tidestone’s YourCloud.

Either way, we should talk. You can contact us by emailing us at info@tidestonesolutions.com, or just pick up the phone and call Tidestone at 207.761.2133.

1Source: Microsoft commissioned a rvey
2Source: The Boston Consulting Group

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