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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – What’s New and Exciting!

Everything about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) is new and exciting since it was just launched last year! Its functionality and price point make BC ideal for small and midsized companies. Indeed, BC is being increasingly adopted by organizations in that range looking to digitally transform their businesses.

The beauty of the cloud

Cloud solutions like Business Central are beautiful because they don’t require forklift upgrades. Microsoft just keeps updating BC automatically with new features and functionality.

The many recent changes we at Tidestone Solutions have seen are:

  • More keyboard-centric scenarios around the important features of the product
  • Quick entry usage and personalization for speed of data entry and analysis
  • Sorting lists using the keyboard
  • Improved navigation around data fields and groups

We’re also seeing several improvements to features related to the customer context, such as a contextual work date indicator. Options enabling advanced users to be even more productive have been added as well, such as:

  • Focus mode
  • Improved search
  • And the ability to inspect the table data behind a page


Microsoft has also addressed feedback related to filters in Excel export by adding an easy Open in Excel option. And then there’s the common auto-save experience which includes a new autosave indicator, and modern interface elements, such as the refreshed action bar and all-product navigation.

Additionally, Business Central has become even more intuitive thanks to:

  • An advanced personalization experience
  • Better discoverability of new features
  • Refreshed action menus and groups across the product
  • And the ability to personalize those to suit the user’s preference

What about on-premise users?

Due to popular demand, six months after the debut of Business Central in April 2018, an on-premise deployment option was launched. So BC now comes in both flavors!

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