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Buffalo grazing | Microsoft Dynamics GP Next

The October Release of Microsoft Dynamics GP Is Called “GP Next.”

Want to know what’s inside?

When Microsoft Dynamics GP was born in Fargo, North Dakota, in 1983, it was called Great Plains, named after a region in our country where the buffalo roamed. GP has come a long way since then. And now, with the October release of “GP Next,” we see an even more significant forward momentum.

38 new features have been added to this flagship, dare I say iconic, ERP software solution. They fall into 4 categories: System Enhancements (8) that are sure to please your IT team; Financial Enhancements (13) that your finance team will love; Workflow Functionality (8) that will make everything run more smoothly; and Top Feature Requests (9) that in all likelihood include some functionality that’s you’ve been waiting for.

Without further ado,Tidestone Solutions presents the full list:

System Enhancements

  • Supports SQL 2019
  • Supports Windows Server 2019
  • Supports Office 2019
  • SmartList add Date options
  • Sort companies in User Access
  • Search option in User Access
  • Filter Inactive users in User Access Setup
  • More than 32 Report Options in Report Group

Financial Enhancements

  • Long Description for Payables Transaction Entry
  • Expand Display for Fiscal Period Setup
  • Display User who posted the Journal Entry Inquiry
  • Add Class ID to Fixed Asset Transfer
  • Document Attach available in Bank Reconciliation
  • Visual Cue for EFT Vendor on Edit Payment Batch
  • Show Check Number in Apply Sales Doc Window
  • Payroll option to Not include Additional Withholding
  • Payables integration to Payroll Enhancement
  • Deduction/Benefit Quick Assignment functionality
  • Exclude Inactive Records for HR benefit and Deduction lookups
  • Employment History reason for change for all dates
  • Payroll Reprint Pay statements by Audit Code

Workflow Functionality

  • User Security Workflow
  • User Workflow
  • Security Roles Workflow
  • Security Tasks Workflow
  • Import Workflow
  • Export Workflow
  • Change Approver for active Workflow Task
  • Vendor Approval Workflow submit on Hold or Doc Attach

Top Feature Requests

  • Copy Report Option
  • Filter Item Stock Inquiry by Date
  • Exclude Inactive Items on Item Price List
  • Minimize transaction when Go To is selected for PO that exists
  • Save setting for Display new PO per user
  • Inactive field added to Item SmartList
  • Display User ID in Item Master Table
  • Excel Paste in Web Client
  • Make History Drop down default to most recent year

Is it time for you to upgrade to “GP Next?”

You can contact us by emailing us at info@tidestonesolutions.com, or just pick up the phone and call Tidestone at 207.761.2133.

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