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We Do Nothing but Microsoft Dynamics ERP: Every Day, All Day Long

We Do Nothing but Microsoft Dynamics ERP: Every Day, All Day Long

Maybe not every day, since some of us occasionally take vacations! And maybe not quite all day long, since some of us actually need to eat and sleep!

Suffice it to say that Microsoft Dynamics ERP has always has been and always will be our sole focus. It started decades ago with Microsoft Dynamics GP, back when it was still called Great Plains. And now we’ve added Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to our product quiver.

You might ask why.

The answer is simple. We know a good thing when we see it. And we have yet to see an ERP solution that’s better for our clients than Microsoft Dynamics. Dynamics ERP is scalable, cost-effective, world-class accounting software. Scalable is important because we want a solution that can grow as our clients grow. Cost-effective is important because our midmarket clients are, as any fiscally responsible company should be, cost-conscious. World-class is important because we only want the very best for our clients.

Tidestone Solutions ranks those three elements above all else, with one exception: user satisfaction. A superior user experience ranks right up there with scalability, cost-effectiveness, and world-class capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides the superior experience that our clients demand and that Tidestone is committed to delivering.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been in the market since 1995 and counts more than 80,000 system users globally. Dynamics GP is a trusted, functional, easy to use solution that will give your business robust financial and operations management integrated across departments.

You can choose to implement GP on-premise or in the cloud, a choice we’d be happy to discuss with you further. The on-premise option requires no explanation. You already know how that works. But if you would like to deploy GP in the cloud, let me tell a little about YourCloud.

YourCloud is Tidestone Solutions’ very own cloud hosting service. It uses the Microsoft Azure cloud environment which provides 99.99999% uptime, data redundancy, and superior compliance standards. YourCloud allows you anywhere, anytime access to your Dynamics software solution. And it’s highly cost-effective since it reduces your investment in IT infrastructure, support, and servers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that is fully integrated with the Microsoft Office suite. Dynamics 365 Business Central will improve your operations, drive intelligent business decisions, and create efficiencies across your departments.

Tidestone can help you customize your Dynamics 365 Business Central experience with the implementation plan that best complements your vision. Our unique training plans will ensure that your team is proficient in their roles while utilizing modern technology to achieve their goals.

Take the next step.

You can contact us by emailing us at info@tidestonesolutions.com, or just pick up the phone and call Tidestone at 207.761.2133.

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