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Tidestone Insights

Welcoming Howard Coven!

Tidestone Solutions welcomes Howard Coven to our team! Howard is a Software Developer with C#, database, firmware, and SQL programming experience. He brings automated program management, identity management, and integration skills to our growing development practice. Howard’s technical skills and knowledge in virtual machinery make him a great asset to our practice, as he will work closely with our clients on custom projects and YourCloud™ maintenance needs.

Howard graduated from San Diego State University in 2002 with a degree in Computer Engineering. Since earning his degree, Howard has worked as an Applications Programmer Analyst where he created automated account management programs, links between systems, and data importing utilities for education staff to manage student accounts and curriculums. He also has experience working with solar powered systems, by way of recording data in the field to detect trends and create remote connections to those systems.

As a Software Developer at Tidestone Solutions, Howard will be modifying and customizing Dynamics software applications, building custom software integrations, performing data migrations, and building custom web applications for our clients.

When Howard is not writing code, he enjoys spending time with his wife and son. Family time includes trips to their home in Big Bear, California, snowshoeing, and exploring coastal beaches. Howard is also a bass guitar player with a love for music! Howard’s analytical mind, attention to detail, hunger to learn, and collaborative spirit make him a very valuable asset to our team.

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