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What Should an ERP Solution Be Doing for Your Business?

If you have found the right ERP software system for your company, it should be as magical as pulling a rabbit out of a hat. You’ll feel the magic every time you log in. Your users will applaud you. Seriously, the right ERP solution can actually be that transformative.

When I think about the perfect ERP, you’ll forgive me for the mixed metaphors, but I also think about Jack in that old nursery rhyme because your perfect ERP should be nimble and quick.

Jack Be Nimble

The ideal ERP software should be flexible, i.e., it should be configurable to the extent that it can accommodate the modifications you need for it to address your requirements; however, unique your processes may be. And it should be nimble in the sense that it will integrate with any other applications systems you’re currently running so that you can eliminate any outlying islands of information, thus avoiding the need for any duplicate data entry. 

Jack Be Quick

Your perfect ERP will boot up quickly and eliminate any latency you have been experiencing with your old ERP solution. In other words, it will make everyone in your company more productive, thereby saving time and money.


The right ERP software system will have an intuitive user interface that allows all your users to navigate it with ease as they move through their daily tasks. In the best of ERP systems, this is facilitated by having role-based logins, so that each person on the system sees only the menus they use every day.

Push-Button Reporting

Whether you’re looking for financial or operational reports, they should be available in real-time with the push of a button. Modern ERP systems don’t require your IT department to create reports. Any user, every user, should be able to pull reports as frequently as needed easily.

Future Proof

We hear this term a lot. Basically, what it means is that your ERP system won’t grow old because updates and upgrades will keep it fresh and incorporate the newest technologies. This can also be referred to as “evergreen,” like the type of trees that never their leaves and stay green year ‘round.

Ready to Pull that Rabbit out of that Hat?

The 2 ERP software systems that Tidestone Solutions implements and supports – namely Microsoft Dynamics GP andMicrosoft Dynamics365 Business Centralmeet all the above qualifications.

Bring magic into your company. Please all your employees. Contact Tidestone today. We’re available at info@tidestonesolutions.com or 207-956-6635.

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