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Tidestone Insights

Allagash Brewing: Microsoft Dynamics GP Customized with VicinityBrew

Allagash Brewing Co. has been dedicated to crafting the best Belgian-inspired beer since 1995. Continually innovating and growing, Allagash pushes the limits on beer and was ready to push the limit on their software system.

Allagash wanted to find a way to access their real costs in real time. They wanted to maximize the potential of their Microsoft Dynamics GP solution with a software partner that knew the intricacies of their business. Tidestone Solutions started with two goals: (1) Make sure Allagash’s accounting software foundation was set up to maximize efficiencies, and (2) Give Allagash full visibility into their recipe manufacturing process from raw material through to packaged beer.

Tidestone Solutions helped Allagash utilize Dynamics GP more effectively with a phased approach that would not interrupt Allagash’s ability to brew, and has since established the following:

  • Lot and Bin Tracking Setup
    Keeping track of the beer in the vessels was setup using inventory bins, and Lot traceability was turned on for the finished goods. Rather than keeping external spreadsheets, Allagash could start utilizing GP’s robust inventory capabilities.

  • Beer Manufacturing Automation using VicinityBrew
    Allagash implemented VicinityBrew to make their manufacturing process more transparent in regards to volume, cost and time in process. VicinityBrew opened the doors to new departments at Allagash, including Quality Control, Production, and supply chain.

VicinityBrew with Dynamics GP has given Allagash increased visibility into production, better reporting capabilities for brewery operations, and lot traceability from brew to packaged beer. 

Future project phases and subsequent benefits will include Bar Code Data Collection, and a custom integration to Allagash’s Shopify e-commerce website. Having one centralized, integrated system equips Allagash with the tools necessary to provide more transparency into their beer manufacturing process.

To learn more about how Allagash Brewing’s business process has improved with use of Microsoft Dynamics GP customizations and VicinityBrew, please contact Tidestone Solutions today at info@tidestonesolutions.com or 207-956-6635.