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Tidestone Insights

Victory Brewing: Custom ERP Solution

Victory Brewing Co. found that their old on-premise back office accounting software along with several manual Excel spreadsheets was not the right solution to manage their growth. With the addition of a second brewery and several brew pubs underway, Victory needed a custom ERP solution.


Victory found that the out-of-the-box Chart of Accounts (COA) functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP was not designed for flexible reporting, nor did it represent the lines of business that Victory had grown into. While Excel spreadsheets provided inventory and production planning and shipping information, the spreadsheets did not integrate with the brewery’s inventory data in Dynamics GP. This caused duplicate data entry and a lot of manual transaction entry with no audit trails.

Victory was not using the Dynamics GP Purchase Orders functionality at its full potential, making the process of confirming invoices time consuming. Victory needed a way to quickly count their finished goods on hand, so that goods could be picked and shipped as efficiently as possible. At this time, purchasing was de-centralized and there was no approval process in place. With multiple lines of business, Victory needed to streamline its data entry while producing both consolidated and separate line of business P&L reports.


Tidestone Solutions helped Victory utilize Dynamics GP to its full potential. We implemented a custom Chart of Accounts solution, which resulted in departmental (separate lines of business) and consolidated P&L reports. We took a phased approach to implement VicinityBrew, which automated Victory’s brewing to packaging process, bar code data collection, lot traceability, and production scheduling. Then we put Victory’s entire ERP solution in YourCloud to give them anywhere, anytime access to their financial and brewery operations data.

We have continued to help Victory cut costs and increase efficiencies in many ways including: creating an intercompany customization that ties sales transactions from brewery to restaurant; modifying a Sales Order window in the native Dynamics GP to include product packing slip information and item weight calculations for logistics purposes; creating a Sales Analysis report that would help Victory analyze their data for excise tax and TTB reporting purposes; and automating the calculation of barrels produced by order or by month to create a better process for forecasting.


Victory now has complete visibility into its specific lines of business with a custom COA and consolidated P&L reports. Utilizing Dynamics GP to its full capacity has allow Victory to deeper analyze their costs through recipe manufacturing, and has eliminated Victory’s need for manual spreadsheets to allow full integration of their raw materials and finished goods data with their inventory data in Dynamics GP.

Victory’s scheduling, tracking, and quality control tasks are now automated and accessible in one integrated system to prevent duplicate data entry. Victory’s streamlined and centralized purchasing and sales order process allows for beer to be picked and shipped more efficiently. Now Victory has better insight into sales forecasting through use of their custom sales report, allowing them to adjust production based on real-time, accurate data.

To learn more about how Victory Brewing has improved their brewing automation with a custom ERP solution, please contact Tidestone Solutions today at info@tidestonesolutions.com or 207-956-6635.