The Tidestone Deployment Tools allows IT departments to easily deploy third party ISV products, customizations and dictionary files to all Dynamics GP workstations from one console.  The tool uses an Active Directory Computer OU to group workstations with GP installed and a file repository to deploy files to the correct place in the Dynamics GP install folder.

3,000 USD


The Tidestone Company Refresh Tool is designed to allow Accounting Managers and Power users to take a backup of a Dynamics GP Company database and restore it into a test company avoiding the need for IT departments to be called for the task.  The tool can be used on any SQL database, not just Dynamics GP.

3,000 USD


JOUNRNAL ENTRY MACRO - Our Journal Entry macro is similar to the new functionality in GP which enables the user to copy and paste a journal entry from Excel, but ours allows you to maintain the formatting of your Excel document.  By simply clicking a button in GP the transaction entry window is populated with the details of your journal entry.

2,500 USD

BANK TRANSACTION MACRO - The Bank Transaction Macro provides a template that is imported into the Bank Transaction Entry window.  Simply select the type of transaction and checkbook in the template, add the details (Paid To/Received From, GL accounts, etc.), and you can import with the click of a button.  This is especially valuable for recurring transactions as the Dynamics GP Bank Rec module does not offer batching capabilities!

2,500 USD

AP TRANSACTION MACRO - The AP Transaction Macro has been designed for the Payables Transaction Entry window.  It takes the data from an Excel (.csv) file and imports it into the transaction window.  This tools is a great time saver for those vendor invoices (credit card statements, and more) that have multiple expense items and are distributed across many cost centers and GL accounts.

2,500 USD


The Tidestone Accounts Receivable Aging Tool provides detailed activity by client in a report that includes the following data and flexibility:


  • All Invoices billed with details of date, date of service, invoice number and amount
  • All payments received and applied to each invoice, shown immediately below the related invoice, with date and PMT number
  • All payments received but not applied to any invoice
  • All credits or debit memos, or any other activity if it exists, posted to the Client
  • The remaining balance whether a debit, credit or zero per invoice  


  • Reports maintain their formatting
  • Ability to run report for an invoice or range of invoices, range of clients, range of dates, etc.
  • By payment number, shows where all of the payment was posted and a remaining unapplied or zero balance per item
  • By payment receipt date

1,500 USD