• I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how pleased I have been with the upgrade. Tidestone installed the test company and we were able to log in and test the transactions. This as usual was a great way to make sure that when we went live we would know what to expect. Denise has been awesome in troubleshooting the few issues that we have had. The response time has been amazing. If I could only get other companies to have the great customer service level...

    Melinda Johnson, IT Administrator/Data Analyst
  • Bringing on Tidestone Solutions as our GP partner has dramatically helped Allagash improve the way we utilize our GP system. Having the right partner who really understands our business and the way we work has been critically important in the process of our Vicinity Brew implementation. We love working with Tidestone, and having a GP partner who is really engaged in our success gives us a much higher level of confidence in making system decisions.

    Erin Forbes, Controller
  • Having the ability to get quick, summarized data out of the system is a requirement when resources are limited. Tidestone Solutions spent ½ hour creating a query in Smartlist Builder that would have otherwise forced us to look up 170 employee records or print a 798 page report in order to complete the year-end 401K census.

    Angela Hussey
  • Physical inventory used to take 8 people three days to perform, but now it took 5 people only one day. We were able to complete the physical inventory on the weekend and not lose any shipping days.

    Shari Duke
  • Tidestone Solutions has become a trusted advisor in our payroll, accounts payable and general ledger functions. I have found them to be a genuine partner in assisting Woodfords Family Services in enhancing our efficiencies. In the past 5 years, Woodfords has grown from a $6 million to a $14 million dollar agency with minimal additions to our finance department.

    Pete Plummer
  • Tidestone has been a great partner in helping Victory to utilize Great Plains more effectively. Prior to Tidestone, Victory had little support to use GP to its greatest potential. Since we have started working with Tidestone, we have implemented Vicinity Brew, and started many processes that are allowing us better visibility into the financial condition of our business. We are glad that we made the switch to work with Tidestone.

    Jennifer Corrigan
  • We have been doing business with Tidestone Solutions for many years and are very pleased with their services. The entire group is just “there” whenever you need them. I have called needing help with day-today problems, and they will do what–ever it takes to resolve the problem immediately. We have just completed an upgrade from GP Version 10 to GP2013, and Tidestone Solutions was available to support us through-out the entire process. It is a very nice feeling when you know that if something comes up and you need support you can rely on Tidestone Solutions to provide the best workable solutions for your organization, whether it is to resolve a quick day-to-day problem or provide a business process solution so that you can better manage your business.

    Audrey Martin
June 27, 2016 - 3:15pm

Welcoming Samantha Linnell to our Tidestone Team!

Technical Project Manager Tidestone Solutions